Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Groovin' With Sister T 30 March 2016


Earl Hooker – Earl’s Blues (Hooker & Steve)

Donald Ray Johnson – These Blues (The Best of Donald Ray Johnson)

Zora Young – Friday Night (Title track)

Bill Black Combo – Going Back to Memphis (All The King’s Men)

The Word – Swamp Road (Soul Food)

James Armstrong – Saturday night Women (Guitar Angels)

Blackburn – The Railroad Song (Brothers In This World)

Clayton Doley – Bayou Billabong (Title track)

Continental Blues Party – Side Tracked (On The Soul Side)

Double Wammy – Wild Gentleman Swing (Fender Bender)

Irene Reid – Big Fat Daddy (Million Dollar Secret)

Lisa Mann – My Man (Move On)

Tony Monaco – White Dude Special (Master Chops T) 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Groovin' With Sister T Playlist 23 March 2016


Today an extended program!
1st Hour
Gospel Hummingbirds – Don’t Move The Mountain (Steppin’ Out)

Cyril Neville – Don’t Move My Mountain (Brand New Blues)

Zakiya Hooker – Rock These Blues Away (Keeping It Real)

Vaughan Brothers - Baboom/Mama Said (Family Style)

Vaughan Brothers – Telephone Song (Family Style)

St Germain – Real Blues (St Germain)

Nick Fishman Blues Band – Freedom Blues (California Fresh)

Mitch Anderson & His Organic Orchestra – I’ll Make Love To You (In Person – Mitch Anderson & His Organic Orchestra)

Dave Hubbard – Rock Steady (The Message)

The Air Benders – Fumbles (Self titled)

Anni Piper – I’m Lost Without You (More Guitars Than Friends)

2nd Hour
George Benson – Jaguar (It’s Uptown)

Charlie Apicella & Iron City – Farid (Paying The Cost To Be The Boss)

Key Grip – Get On The Right Track Baby (Live at Last)

Big Joe & the Dynaflows – Smells Like Bar B Q (Layin’ In The Alley)

Noam Dayan (feat. Guy King) – Fifteen Hours (Corner of Blues & The City)

Little Johnny Taylor – You Win I Lose (Greatest Hits)

Jackie Payne – Take The Keys (Day in The Life of A Bluesman)

Liza Ohlback – Mr Too Hard (Give You Hell)

Melvin Sparks – All Wrapped Up (Akilah)

Jimmie Vaughan – Cool Lookin’ Woman (The Essential Jimmie Vaughan)

Tina Harrod – C C Rider (Work Songs)

Double Wammy – Make Love To Me (Fender Bender)

Mo’ Blow – Ricky the Lobster (Live in Berlin)

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Groovin' With Sister T Playlist 16 March 2016


Mo’ Blow – Fried Chocolate (live) (Live in Berlin)

Anni Piper – Paper Bag (More Guitars Than Friends)

Zkye Blue – Love Thing (Live in Mixmasters Vol. 1)

Eddie Harris – Listen Here (Mean Greens) 

Harper - World Goes Around (Live @ The Soup Kitchen)

Cedric Burnside Project – That Changes Everything (Descendants of Hill Country)

Toronzo Cannon – Midlife Crisis (The Chicago Way) 

Charlie Apicella & Iron City – Spoonful (Big Boss) 

Johnnie Bassett – Dawging Around (I Can Make That Happen) 

Key Grip - Baby I Love You (Live)

Guy King – I Am What I Am And it Is What It Is (Title track)

Kenny Neal – The Further We Go (Devil Child) 

Brother Jack McDuff - Mac-Duffin' (Gin & Tonic)

Richard Elliot – Retro Boy (Rock Steady)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Groovin' With Sister T playlist 9 March 2016


Ronnie Earl - #7 (Now My Soul)

The Jackson Four – I Live The Life I love (Self titled)

Guy King – Hey Now (Truth)

B B King – Don’t You Want A Man Like Me (Here's One You Didn't Know About: From The RPM & Kent Vaults)

Ron Levy’s Wild Kingdom –Sons of Abraham (Zim Zam Zoom)

Deb Callahan – You Don’t Know Your Mind (Sweet Soul)

Sweet Baby James Trio – Hip Little Sister (More Like This)

Mitch Anderson & His Organic Orchestra – That’s Alright (Mitch Anderson & His Organic Orchestra)

Jimmy Ponder – Blues Bag (Jimmy Ponder)

Trudy Lynn – Fat Daddy (Everything Comes With A Price)

Dave Specter – Chicago Style (Message in Blue)

Jimmy McGriff – Plain Brown Bag (Groove Grease)

Nick Fishman Blues Band – Extra Simple (California Fresh)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Groovin' With Sister T playlist 2 March 2016


Dr Lonnie Smith feat. Robert Glasper  – Play It Back (Evolution)

Pierre Sward & The Hammond Jazz ‘n Soul Group – Mr Clean (Jazz ‘n Soul)

Kate Lush – Groove Me (Kate Lush)

Zora Young with Little Mike & the Tornadoes – I’m Good (Friday Night)

Guy King – It’s About The Dollar Bill (Truth)

St Germain – Sure Thing (Tourist)

Hazmat Modine – Moving Stones (Extra Deluxe Supreme)

Diane Blue - That’s What They Call the Blues (Blues In My Soul)

Lazy Eye – Slow Down Mama (Move Me)

Raphael Wressnig – Mustard Greens (Soul Gumbo)

Larry Carlton & Robben Ford – Amen AC (Unplugged)