Thursday, September 22, 2016

Groovin' With Sister T 21 September 2016


Bobby Rush – I Don’t Want Nobody Hanging Around (Porcupine Meat)

Bruce Katz Band – Dis-Funkshunal (Out From The Centre)

Ike Stubblefield – Upper Crust (Old Souls On New Shoes) 

Shane Pacey Trio – Strange Things Happening (Helios)

Guy King – Cookin’ In Style (Truth)

Percy Mayfield – The Hunt Is On (His Tangerine & Atlantic Sides)

Kat Riggins – Now I See (Ooh Wee) (Blues Revival)

King Brothers – Bigg Legged Woman (Get Up And Shake It)

Benny Turner – Me And My Guitar (A Tribute To My Brother Freddie King) 

Clayton Doley – Crooked Crawl (Bayou Billabong)

Eric Hargett Trio – Steppin’ Up (Title track)

E C Scott – Come Get Your Love (Title track)

Joe Sample – Oh Brother Can You Spare Your Car (Did You Feel That?)

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Groovin' With Sister T Playlist 14 September 2016

Ronnie Earl – Brojoe (Maxwell Street) 

McKee Brothers – Right There (Enjoy It While You Can)

Deb Ryder – Ain’t Gonna Be Easy (Deb Ryder) 

King Brothers – Tore Down (Get Up And Shake It)

Bruce Katz Band feat. Chris Vitarello) – Schnapps Man (Out From the Centre)

Lazy Eye – It Ain’t Right (Pocket The Black)

Darrell Nulisch – Let A Woman Be A Woman (Just For You)

Liz Mandeville – What Do Bluesmen Like? (The Stars Motel)

Harper – Let’s Move (Show Your Love)

P J O’Brien – Cold Like The North Pole (Jefferson Blues)

Jack McDuff – Sanctified Samba (Live!)

Yellowjackets – Eddie’s In the House (Cohearance)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Groovin' With Sister T Playlist 7 September 2016

Lazy Eye – Swing For Mars (Pocket The Black)

Eric Hargett Trio – Brunswick Avenue (Steppin’ Up)

Deb Ryder – Right Side Of The Grass (Grit Grease and Tears)

J J Thames – I’m Leavin’ (Raw Sugar) 

Joey Gilmore Band – Night Time Is The Right Time (Respect The Blues)

Little Milton – Baby Please (I’m A Gambler)

Aaron West – Where’s My Coin (The Trans-Tasman Quartet)

Lazy Eye – Pocket The Black (Title track)

Betty  Davis - Born On the Bayou (The Columbia Years 1968-1969)

Houston Person – Brother H (Goodness)

Rose City Kings – Superbee (A Love So Strong)

Les McCann/Eddie Harris – Cold Duck Time (Swiss Movement)

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Groovin' With Sister T Playlist 31 August 2016

Bruce Katz Band – All Torn Up (feat Chris Vitarello) (Out From The Centre)

Grady Champion – Leave Here Runnin’ (One Of A Kind) 

Liz Mandeville – Too Hot For Love (Stars Motel) 

Vaneese Thomas – Saturday Night On The River (The Long Journey Home) 

Stanley Turrentine – Buster Brown (Common Touch) 

Jack McDuff/Kenny Burrell – Shaky! (Crash) 

Acme Jazz Garage – Mongo Strut (Acme Jazz Garage

Mighty Reapers – Watch Yourself (You Gotta Reap)

Geoff Achison – Baby Come Back (Another Mile Another Minute)

Michael Burks – That’s What I Am (I’m A Bluesman) 

Zkye Blue - Just Your Fool (Live in Mixmasters Vol 1)

Terry Hanck Band – Octavate’n (From Roadhouse To Your House Live)

Van Morrison/Georgie Fame - Sack 'O Woe (How Long Has This Been Going On)